Greenline Goods is guided by the principle that the objects you choose to surround yourself with, tell a story about who you are. Whether it’s the paintings on the wall or the glassware in your cupboard, these articles serve as an extension of your individuality. Although this may not be the whole story, we believe those objects should be consciously chosen to reflect your unique experiences and taste.


We also build with a modern urban flair. Based in Chicago it is impossible not to be inspired by the architecture visible all over the city. We want to bring that refinement to you. We want your glassware to stand out. We want your friends to say that you have impeccable taste … and we want your choices to make a statement.


Our mission is to provide you unique and premium items that will highlight what makes you, you. Our goal is to help you make everyday extraordinary, from the bar ware you use, to the memories you make with them, and the people you share them with.


With the use of creativity and technology, we craft each of our products from high-quality materials. Each design is uniquely composed on the drinkware. As a company, we aim to focus on perfecting your everyday goods. We work on representing your favorite hobbies, places, and personality through thoughtful and creative design. Now you can express yourself from your furniture all the way to your barware. We think you should make the little things in life fun and unique.