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Drinking Games You Can Play at Home

Drinking Games You Can Play at Home

Who doesn't love a good drinking game? Not only does it give you and your friends something to do while you get loose, but it adds to the alcohol-induced fun.

Make it a tradition to try a new drinking game with your pals every month to keep those bonds strong and the laughs coming.


Circle of Death

One of the best card games for drinking is Circle of Death, similar to Kings. It is pretty simple to learn if you don't already know how to play this famed drinking game. You start by making a circle around a particular alcoholic drink with the whole deck, cards face-down. 

Each player takes their turn, moving to the left in your circle of players, revealing their cards to each of the other players. There are specific tasks assigned to different types of cards, which are laid out below. Keep in mind that any player who breaks the circle must chug their drink—do not let others get away with avoiding the chug!

One Through Eight

If you pull a red card between one and eight, you must take the number of drinks equal to the number shown on the card. If you draw a black card between numbers one and eight, you hand out the equivalent number of drinks to an opponent. 

Choose wisely. You may end up getting a specific person super-sloshed, which could very well be your goal.


If you pull a card with a nine on it, you need to think of a word, and everyone must take turns coming up with a word that rhymes with it. Once somebody is stumped or accidentally repeats a word another person already used, they take a drink. This can prove challenging to keep track of toward the end of the game.


If you draw a ten, you must come up with a specific category, and then each person in the circle needs to think of a word that falls under that category. After a person fails to think of a word or repeats one already mentioned, they must take a drink.


When you pull a jack, you become what is known as the Thumb Master until the next jack is flipped over. Anytime you randomly decide to place your thumb on the table, the last person to also do so must drink. 

You can do this as much as you would like, so keep this in mind if you feel like watching everyone scramble to get their thumbs onto the table.


After pulling a queen, you must immediately ask an opponent any question at all. They must then do the same to another opponent, asking a question, and so the process repeats until a player forgets to ask a question. That forgetful and likely drunk player must take a drink.


The person who draws a king can make any rule they want, and anyone who breaks it must drink. The puller of the final king must drink the entire cup surrounded by cards.


When an ace is drawn, all players must chug their drinks until the person to the right stops. It is up to the first person to get everyone wasted, including themselves.


It will be no surprise if you've heard of Quarters before. It can get loud while playing this game, which electrifies the energy in the air that already surrounds this fun game even more.

You'll need a beer glass (or a shot glass if you want to increase the difficulty), some quarters, and your chosen alcohol. Get players in a circle, and have each person try to bounce their quarter from the table into the glass. If someone gets their quarter in, they assign a drink to another player, and they get to keep attempting shots until they miss.

If a player makes three shots in a row, they get to make a rule for all players to follow, and anytime a rule is broken, that player must drink.

Drunk Twister

This is precisely what it sounds like. For this drinking game, you are simply transforming the original Twister into a version that involves alcohol, which can get extremely interesting.

The only difference is that each circle on the Twister mat has a reasonably sized alcoholic drink that the player must finish before placing their body part on the circle.

This can make for an exciting time, indeed.

Board Games 

There are a couple of intensely entertaining board games that are not precisely drinking games but are so much fun to play while drinking they had to be included.

For a delightfully vulgar experience, check out the board game Over the Line. The game involves drawing and acting out risqué phrases. Not only will you be laughing throughout the entire game, but you will be drinking, too. 

The Girls Party Game is a great board game option for mixing with alcohol, mainly if you are a woman who is trying to have a great time with your gal pals. It is based around a truth-or-dare type of framework, so it is only for those bravest of souls.


With so many drinking games to choose from, how will you pick just one? The good news is you don't have to—you can try out all these exciting drinking games with your friends.

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What's your favorite drinking game? Tell us about it in the comments!