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What to Get a Cyclist Who Has Everything 

What to Get a Cyclist Who Has Everything 

Those who cycle do it with serious passion. Whether it’s trail biking, mountain biking, or road cycling, it takes dedication and a love of the sport to get in the saddle and ride regularly.

Cycling is now more popular than ever, as people look for environmentally-friendly, cheaper transport. It’s also a pleasant and fun way to burn some calories while enjoying some air. 

We do not doubt that you have a keen cyclist in your family or group of friends. The trouble is that they already tend to have all the specialist gear required for their sport. This can make gift buying for cyclists very tricky. 

Even if you did want to get them something to use when cycling, the sheer amount of gear available could confuse anyone. From padded shorts to patch kits, and a thousand different brands for many items, choosing the right piece of kit as a gift for a cycling enthusiast can be a minefield. You can reduce the chance of spending too much money on something your cyclist already has by considering cycling-themed gifts.

Cycling Themed Gifts Are a Reliable Bet

While it's best to steer clear from buying cycling gear as a birthday or holiday gift for a cyclist, you can typically get the person in question something special that's cycling-themed with success. A memorable keepsake or useful item that depicts their favorite activity is a thoughtful gift that can be treasured long after the padded shots have worn out.

Many cycling or biking themed products are available, so you'll be spoiled for choice. Just search for "cycling-themed gifts" on your favorite shopping site and you’ll find an array of options and ideas. 

We recommend you choose something high-quality, made by a reliable and trusted manufacturer. That way, you'll know the gift will stand up to prolonged use and won't break or wear out easily. Do your research before buying! Check the reviews carefully to understand if the product is worth the price demanded. 

Greenline Goods Bicycle Themed Glassware

Greenline Goods are no exception when it comes to providing something for bike lovers. We know that most cyclists love a drink as much as the next person. Whether it's beer, whiskey, or wine that your cyclist enjoys, why not treat them to a stunning set of themed glassware?

At Greenline Goods, we have carefully selected fine glassware to perfectly complement a person’s passion for biking. Made from clear crystal glass, our drinkware features a classic, fixed gear bike design. Classy and elegant and ideal for the cyclist who has everything, choose from 16-ounce beer glasses or 10-ounce whiskey glasses. Both sets come with a pair of glasses so the recipient can drink with a friend and toast the next successful bike ride together.

If your biking buddy loves riding around a particular city, then we've also got a fabulous range of city grid etched whiskey glasses. Just fill it up, take a drink and plan out the next cycling route all at the same time!

Don't be concerned about the durability of the product. All our drinkware has a high-quality design that won't peel or rub off. Additionally, everything we make is dishwasher safe, so no extra time is required to clean dirty drinkware.

Perfect for Cocktails and Mocktails

We’re confident that all cycling fans will be over the moon to receive such a thoughtful gift. Even if they don’t drink alcohol, they can use the glasses to hold any kind of beverage. They look excellent filled with orange or pineapple juice, as the bright color of the drink makes the bicycle design pop.

If your friend or loved one is partial to a cocktail or two, why not fill the beer glasses with the following cycling-themed cocktails and mocktails? 

  • Bicicletta: Campari, dry white wine, soda
  • The Yellow Bicycle: elderflower liqueur, yellow chartreuse, cava 
  • On Yer Bike: tequila, martini, and a blend of fruit juices
  • Summer Cyclist: strawberry puree, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, orange sorbet 

 These concoctions are enough to make anyone’s mouth water, especially after a long bike ride.

 Ultimately, there's no need to spend hours in a biking store, slowly losing your mind over what to buy the cyclist who already has all the gear they could ever need and more. Order the perfect, high-quality biking-themed gift from Greenline Goods, we’ve got you covered. 

Be sure to check out our other collections. We're sure you'll be able to find the perfect set of glasses to treat yourself with too. And why not? You deserve it.